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Club History

The East Chain 4-H Club History

     The East Chain 4-H Club organizational meeting was held at the East Chain School on February 2, 1926.  County Agent Arthur Karr and Mr. A.J. Kittleson from the state office met with 150 interested people.  The club chapter was received in 1926.  Superintendent of the East Chain School, Richard Molenaar, was adult leader and 61 members joined that year.  It is interesting to note the project enrollment for the club:  Poultry-26, Gardening-1, Canning-16, Bread-1, and Garments-3.  Edwin Larsen had 11 pigs in the to litter project.  A team of demonstrators, Margaret Hugoson Jensen, and Dorothy McAdams Wendt, set the pace for our club by winning honors of a trip to the State Fair in 1926 with a demonstration titled “Canning Peaches”.  Mrs. Jensen’s granddaughter, Kris Jensen Isenberg, also won State Fair honors with a canning demonstration in 1971.  Edwin Larsen and Delmar Newton were members of the County Livestock Judging Team and won 10th place at the State Fair.  This was also repeated in 1968 when Don Rudolph and Alan Johnson were members of the team that placed 2nd at the State fair and went off to compete at the American Royal in Kansas City.  One of three clubs to have a tour that year, 21 farms were visited and projects were inspected.  It is recorded that 7 automobiles were used for 40 people who attended.

     The East Chain School was the site of the Community Fair under the leadership of the Farmers Club and Supt. Molenaar.  Agricultural exhibits of all kinds grown in the township were displayed.  Boys and girls of the club who finished projects and exhibited at the East Chain Fair also showed at the Martin County Fair.


Highlight Throughout the Years

     In 1938, a demonstration team, consisting of Ethel Johson Jensen, and Frank Lilyard won a trip to the Ohio National Poultry Convention in Cleveland, Ohio for their presentation, “How to Produce Clean Eggs on the Farm.”

     In 1939, the East Chain Club gave 2 one-act plays entitled “Neighbors” and “Unexpected Company” for admission of $0.10 and $0.15.  These plays were also presented to other clubs.

     The Progress Club Award was won in 1940.

     The Typical Club Award was won in 1942.

     In 1949, Ardys Johnson Nelson was chosen Miss Martin County.

     The East Chain Club won a Purple ribbon for its booth at the 1959 State Fair.

     The 25th Anniversary of the club was held in connection with the 1951 banquet.  Mrs. Ray Jensen, whom was one of the first members, gave a talk.  Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Anderson presented a gavel to the club during the time they were leaders.

     In 1952, The East Chain 4-H club had the honor of having the International Youth Exchange in Martin County.  Peter Dekker from the Netherlands was a guest at the Robert Powers home.

     Donald Powers was one of only two students from Martin County to go to other countries an an International Youth Exchange and spent six months in Argentina in 1956.

     Members from our club have represented Martin County and the state of Minnesota at the Citizenship Short Course at Washington D.C.:  Larry Celander in 1969; Donald Rudolph in 1971; Jane Benck in 1972;

and Kris Jensen Isenberg in 1973.  Alan Johnson was the Minnesota Horticultural winner of the National Club Congress in 1970.

     Mr. and Mrs. Arlyn Jensen also went to Washington D.C. in 1972.

     At the Martin County Recognition Banquet the East Chain 4-H club was honored with both the Typical Club and Progress Awards in 1973 and 1976.

     Our club has always enjoyed a large membership.  In 1974 we reached a total of 74 members, making it the largest club in the county.

     Bruce Gratz represented Martin County at the 1975 State Fair Share-the-Fun program.  Over the years, we have had many members participate at the State Fair,  Jr. Leader Conference, and Market Show, taking part in the demonstration and speaking programs, community safety, beautification activities, and county officers.

     Our 1976 membership totaled 64.  That year six of our members attended 4-County Camp.  Five members including Kent Jensen, Jackie Malo, Ronald Madsen, Matt Miexel, and Brian Peterson attended Jr. Leader Conference.

     The East Chain 4-H Club continued to progress over the years because it had the time, talent, and energy for which we as current members are grateful they had.  Our loyal leaders have worked together toward the common goal, “To Make the Best Better.”

     In 1977, Cynthia Celander and Brian Suter represented our club at the State Fair with their winning demonstrations.

     In 1978, our club had 48 members.  Cynthia Celander and FJackie Malo represented our club at the Citizenship Short Course in Washinton D.C.  The same two girls were also counselors for the 4-H County Camp.  That year, our club received awars for Community Pride and Safety Projects.  Cynthia also received the honor of becoming one of the State Ambassadors.  Bruce Gratz represented our club at the State Fair with his winning demonstration.  Bruce was also the winner in the Jr. Division in the County Speech Contest.

     In 1978-1979, the club leader was Mrs. Marabelle Celander.  Four members attended 4-H County Camp.  Cynthia Celander attended Jr. Leader Conference.  Kim Celander was chosen as one of the Martin County delegates to Washington D.C.  County Federation officers from east Chain are Kevin Hugoson-Treasurer; Kim Celander-Reporter; Cynthia Celander-Reporter.  Mr. and Mrs Mervin Malo and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Gratz represented the Southeast section of Martin County on the 4-H council.  Norma Krumwiede traveled to Britle, Manitoba, Canada as a 4-H exchange member.  Our membership that year totaled 48. 

     For 1979-80 the club leaders were Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Hugoson.  There were 47 members; five attended 4-H camp.  County Federation officers were Kim Celander-President and Dave Gratz-Vice President.  Council Representatives were Mr. and Mrs. Norman Gratz.  The sef-management members put on a carnival and made $50 to give to the American Diabetic Association.

     The Club leaders for 1980-81 were Mr. and Mrs. Gary Krumwiede.  There were 53 members and three attended 4-H Camp.  Dan Gratz was treasurer of the County Federation.  Norma Krumwiede traveled as a 4-H exchange member to Liscik, Norway.

     In 1981-82 the club leaders were Mr. and Mrs. Norwood Stromberg.  There were 46 members and three attended 4-H camp.  The Gary Krumwiede family hosted a 4-H exchange member from Norway.

     Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Murphy were club leaders in 1982-83.  Tony Venables and Patti Stromberg attended Jr. Leadership Conference.  The Sr. Softball league won the championship that year.  Troy Jensen was on the Martin County Horsebowl Jr. team that won second at the state competition.

     Mr. and Mrs. Courtney Venables were club leaders for 1983-84.  There were 37 members.  Tony Venables attended Jr. Leadership Conference.  Dan Gratz won the “I Dare You Award” at the County Recognition Banquet.  Also the Martin County Horsebowl Jr. team won second at state competition.  Four of the five members were from our 4-H club:  Pat Moore, Sarah Calkins, Troy Jensen, and Daniel Moore.  DeMaris Calkins was the coach.  The Wendell Owens family had a 4-H Exchange youth leader stay at their farm, Johnson Lee, from Taiwan.  He and his family make their living by growing vegetables on one acre of land that is worth $10 million.  This year our club donated $50 to the African Relief Fund and $200 toward putting up gates in the Martin County Fair horse barn.  Our club’s banner won at the county level and went to the state fair.

     1986 represented the 60th anniversary of the East Chain 4-H Club.  The adult leaders were John and Bonnie Moore, Russell and Ann Jensen, and Ken and Jean Steuber.  The officers were Patti Stromberg-President; Dale Jensen-Vice President; Sarah Calkins-Secretary; an Ken Madsen-Treasurer.  The membership was 36.  Patti Stromberg represented our county and the Community Pride Conference in New Brighton, MN.  Todd Malo won Grand Chamion at the State Fair with his Sr. Dairy Calf and at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI.  The 4-H “Horse Trotters” Club was formed.  Two members from our club were its first officer; Pat Moore was President and Sarah Calkins was Treasurer.  Bonnie Moore made the club flag to be used in parades.

     Mr. and Mrs. Russel Jensen were leaders for 1986-87 with 27 members.  Officers were Ken Madsen-President, Todd Malo-Vice President, Linda Petrowiak-Secretary, Patti Stromberg-Treasurer, Joe Moore-Reporter, and Vicki Gratz-Community Pride.  For fundraising projects we did ditch pick-up, had a basket social, and sold club calendars.  Some of the money helped send 4-Hers to Valleyfair for a day.  Our club took honorable mention at the Share-the-Fun.  In December we went caroling at Maplewood and the Methodist Retirement Home.

     In 1987-88 Mervin and Barb Malo were leaders.  Officers were Bob Stromberg-President, Troy Jensen-Vice President; Vicki Gratz-Secretary; Todd Malo-Treasurer; Sarah Calkins-Reporter, and Cherie Mosloski-Community Pride.  For fundraisers we sold calendars, did ditch pick-up, and sold aluminum cans found in ditches.  We had many members receiving awards at our county and club banquests.  As a club we participated in the Granada Centennial Parade.  We had a 4-H helper program this year, where each Jr. Leader was assigned a younger member to help during the year.  Our club continued to get smaller (20), but we looked forward to another good year with a lot of enthusiasm from all of our members. 

     The 1988-89 club leaders were Jim and DeMaris Calkins, Norwood and Janice Stromberg, and Norman and Violet Gratz.  Our officers were Troy Jensen-President; Sarah Calkins-Vice President; Brenda Goraczkowski-Secretary, Bob Stromberg-Treasurer; Vicki Gratz-Reporter; and Nicki Owens-Community Pride.  Janice and Norwood Stromberg are our county council representatives.  We were not happy with our declining enrollment so we kicked the New Year off with a “New Member Rally” during National 4-H Week.  We had a project display and posters at school, 4-H handouts, clowns on a bicycle built for two and a cheer given in the grade rooms.  We depended on our “mini members” for this to help our busy Jr. Leaders.  We

gained 12 new members from eight new families.  Community Pride included:  Christmas caroling at the home of our 4-H grandparents, ditch pick-up, and the Memorial Day Program.

     In 1989-90 our club leaders were Norwood and Janice Stromberg, Norman and Violet Gratz, and Roger and Gloria Moore.  Officers were Sarah Calkins-President, Dan Moore-Vice President, Nicki Owens-Secretary, Troy Jensen-Treasurer, Brenda Goraczkowski-Reporter, and Lori Jensen-Community Pride.  For our Community Pride this year we started a program to make our county roads safer.  We cut back the corn on dangerous intersections along the county and township roads.  This is intended to be a three-year project.  The club enrollment was 29 members.

     Our officers for 1990-91 were Dan Moore-President, Nathan Owens-Vice President, Vicki Gratz-Treasurer, Jessica Thedens-Community Pride, and Justin Thedens-Reporter.  Norman and Vilet Gratz, Roger and Gloria Moore, and Todd and Julie Thedens were adult leaders.  Our “Cornfield Cut-back” Community Pride project continued along with our ditch pick-up and Memorial Day.  Our club had 11 new members this year and was the second largest club in Martin County.

     Our officers for 1991-92 were Nathan Owens-President, Justin Thedens-Vice President, Nancy Moore-Secretary, Nicole Owens-Treasurer, Tracy Steuber-Community Pride, and Tara Thompson-Reporter.  Adult leaders were Roger and Gloria Moore, Todd and Julie Thedens, and Conrad and Lorie Zoeller.  Our Community Pride projects were Cornfield Cut-backs, ditch pick-up, Memorial Day, and clowning in parades.  Our new clown club attended three parades.

     The 1992-93 adult leaders were Todd and Julie Thedens, Conrad and Lorie Zoeller, and Mark and DeDe Kotewa.  The club officers were Justin Thedens-President, Travis Goerndt-Vice President, Nancy Moore-Secretary, Tracy Steuber-Treasurer, Sarah Larsen-Community Pride, and Jessica Thedens-Reporter.  Our Community Pride projects are Ditch Pick-up, Memorial Day, and Clowning.  Our Clown Club entertained various groups and participated in a parade.  Our club received a Certificate of Volunteer Recognition from the Minnesota office of Volunteer Services for outstanding volunteer work in 4-H Projects.

     The 1993-94 adult leader were Conrad and Lorie Zoeller, Mark and DeDe Kotewa, and Kurt and Kris Isenberg.  Club officers were Justin Thedens-President, Neil Whitman-Vice President, Jessica Thedens-Secretary, Sarah Larsen-Treasurer, Angie Zoeller-Reporter, and Tracy Steuber and Kelly Isenberg-Community Pride.  Nancy Moore was the County Federation Secretary.  The Share-the-Fun act took first place this year with “Share a Moment with the World”, featuring 4-H Olympics.  Community Pride projects included ditch pick-up, Memorial Day, Township Road barricades, and clowning.  The East Chain 4-H club was the biggest club in Martin County this year.

     The 1994-95 adult leaders were Mark and DeDe Kotewa, Kurt and Kris Ienberg, and Roger and Sue Whitman.  Club officers were Jessica Thedens-President, Lori Jensen-Vice President, Justin Thedens-Treasurer, Tracy Steuber-Reporter, Sarah Stromberg and Kelly Isenberg-Community Pride.  Jessica Thedens was the Federation Treasurer and Justin Thedens was the County Federation Vice President.  Our club placed second in Share-the-Fun with “Summertime Blues”.  We started a long-range park clean-up project at Wolter Park in East Chain for Community Pride.  We mowed the park and cleared trees and brush to expose the shoreline.  We planned on adding play equipment and painting the park furniture in the future.  We had a food stand at the Fairmont Fairmall for Krazy Days and also at the Owens’ auction.  The money will be used for Community Pride.  

     1996 represented the 70th Anniversary of the East Chain 4-H Club.  The 1995-96 Adult Leaders were Kurt and Kris Isenberg, Roger and Sue Whitman, and Gary and Linda Hanson.  Club officers were Roxy Wehner-President, Adam Thedens-Vice President, Angie Zoeller-Secretary, Heather Sanders-Treasurer, Laura Whitman-Reporter, and Justin Olson and Nick Kotewa-Community Pride.  Angie Zoeller is the Federation Secretary.  This year our club had 69 members and 37 families.  We worked on our Community Pride Project throughout the year, doing some detailed work on the park.  We then ordered two park bench frames and a grill.  Kelly Isenberg and Angie Zoeller were chosen to to to State for Record Judging.

     The 1996-97 adult leaders were Roger and Sue Whitman, Gary and Linda Hanson, and MaryKay Smith and Jackie Stensland.  The club officers were Angie Zoeller-President, Kyle Isenberg-Vice President, Jennifer Sanders-Secretary, Heather Sanders-Treasurer, Miranda Malo-Reporter, and Kelly Isenberg and Laura Whitman-Community Pride.  Community Pride continued to work on Wolter Park.  We received a grant for $500 and other donations.  A basketball hoop was purchased and cement was poured to complete the basketball court.  Members took turns mowing the lawn during the summer.

     The 1997-98 adult leaders were Gary and Linda Hanson, Jackie Stensland and MaryKay Smith, and Karla Malo and Julie Thedens.  The club officers were Angie Zoeller-President, Heather Sanders-Vice President, Kelly Isenberg-Treasurer, Laura Whitman-Secretary, Kristin Malo-Reporter, Justin Olson and Kyle Isenberg-Community Pride, and Laura Whitman, Tonya Carlson, Angie Zoeller, and Jennifer Sanders-Scrapbook.  This year the Community Pride project consisted of purchasing and installing a dock.  Members took turns mowint the lawn to keep it neat.  We once again were experiencing a large enrollment of 60 members.  There are a number of third generation 4-H families in our club at the present time.

     The 1998-99 Key leaders were Jackie Thiesse and MaryKay Smith.  The 2nd year leaders were Julie Thedens and Karla Malo.  The 3rd year leaders were Kevin and Mary Hugoson.  The club officers were Kelly Isenberg-President, Sarah Stromberg-Vice President, Kristin Malo-Treasurer, Miranda Malo-Secretary, and Tonya Carlson-Reporter.  This year our club Community Pride project was continuing to improve Wolter Park.  The 4-H members planted dogwood bushes by the basketball court, re-sided the shelter house, and installed a flagpole with landscaping around it.  Members took turns mowing the park.  The East Chain 4-H Club had 55 members enrolled this year.  Members were busy helping with Memoria Day, clowning in the Interlaken Heritage Days Parade, and going to various PDC meetings.  Jennifer Sanders also went on the “Ciizenship Washington Focus Trip”.

     The 1999-2000 Key Leaders were Karla Malo and Julie Thedens.  2nd year leaders were Kevin and Mary Hugoson.  3rd year leaders were Chris and Kathy Carlson.  The club officers were Miranda Malo-President, Jenna Mattson-Vice President, Dani Shumski-Secretary, Tonya Carlson-Treasurer, Jessica Stensland-reporter, Jennifer Sanders and LeAnn Wakey-Community Pride.  This year the East Chain 4-H Club Community Pride projects consisted of re-shingling the shelter house and taking turns mowing the park each week.  The clown club participated in the Interlaken Heritage Days Parade and also painted faces and handed out balloons at the Martin County National Bank 125th Anniversary celebration.  The club also helped at the Memorial Day Services.  This year in the Club there were 66 members and 42 adult leaders.

     In 2000-01 our club celebrated its 75th Anniversary with a celebration during the April meeting.  Our Key Leaders were Kevin and Mary Hugoson; 2nd year leaders were Chris and Kathy Carlson and Caleb and Danelle McCoy; 3rd year leaders were Robbin and Cathy Celander and Steve and Lori Pomerenke.  The club

were Abby Shoen-President, Lukas Malo-Vice President, Jessica Stensland-Secretary, Nick Steuer-Treasurer officers were Miranda Malo-President, Jenna Mattson-Vice President, Dani Shumski-Secretary, Angie Hugoson-Treasurer, Abby Shoen-Reporter, and LeAnn Wakey, Ross Kotewa, Willie Werner-Community Pride.  The Community Pride worked very hard to get a playground installed in Wolter Park.  With a lot of work put into getting grants, donations, etc., they accomplished their goal.  Members of the club took turns mowing the park.  The club also helped with benefits for Sarah Stromberg Federation Treasurer.  We had very active members going to county activities.  Four participated in YELLO in St. Paul and three participated in the Chicago Exchange Trip.  There were 57 members and 41 adult leaders.

     The 2001-02 Key Leaders of the East Chain 4-H Club were Chris and Kathy Carlson and Caleb and Danelle McCoy.  Second Year leaders were Robbin and Cathy Celander and Steve and Lori Pomerenke.  Third year leaders were Mike and Becky Tonne.  Club Officers included Miranda Malo-President, Abby Shoen-Vice President, Allie Zoeller-Secretary, Angie Hugoson-Treasurer, Ashley DeJong-Reporter, Lukus Malo, Nick Steuer, and Abby Shoen-Community Pride.  Our club was once again very active with 52 members.  We helped keep our community clean by picking up extra miles of road ditches this year and by mowing the park on a weekly basis.  Wolter Park continues to evolve with the club’s community pride project; this year our efforts along with the help of the DNR helped to maintain the shoreline.

     The 2002-03 Key leaders were Robbin and Cathy Celander and Steve and Lori Pomerenke.  Second year leaders were Mike and Becky Tonne.  Third year leaders were Sandy Steuer and Brenda Wakey.  The club officers were Dani Shumski-President, Allie Zoeller-Vice President, Tonya Carlson-Secretary, Angie Hugoson-Treasurer, and Abby Shoen-Reporter.  Community Pride consisted of Nathan McCoy, aaron McCoy, Andrew McCoy, and Abby Shoen.  We gained many new members, making our club total 53.  This year Lori Pomerenke took on the title of Martin County 4-H Coordinator and the Zoeller and Buchan families received the four generations award.  Our Community Pride received State DNR honors at the 2002 State Fair.  Also, the first ever Livestock Extravaganza was held at the Martin County Fairgrounds in June.  Our club participated in ditch pick-up and finished the Wolter Park shoreline for our Community Pride project.  We also participated in the Memorial Day service and athe IHD Parade where we showed off our clown club.

     The 2003-04 Key Leaders were Mike and Becky Tonne.  Second year leaders were Brenda Wakey and Sandy Steuer. Third year leaders were Mark  and Donna Olson and Melody Sanders.  The club officers were Angie Hugoson-President, Abby Shoen-Vice President, Tonya Carlson-Secretary, Vanessa Pomerenke-Treasurer, and Brooke Tonne-Reporter. Community Pride consisted of Brooke Tonne, Bridget Tonne and Andrew McCoy.  Our club has 53 members and 38 adult leaders.  In October, many members enjoyed showing off their Halloween costumes for the audience in our annual costume parade.  In November we went bowling as a club.  In the month of December we held our Christmas Banquet as a brunch.  Also, we rang the bell to raise money for the Salvation Army.  Our club picked up ditches for the county and the township this last spring.  We set up a window display in the mall shopping center to promote 4-H.  We ordered new 4-H t-shirts.  Participating in the Memorial Day Service and the IHD parade has always been part of our schedule.  We mowed Wolter Park and built an arbor for the restroom facilities and garbage cans for our club’s Community Pride.  Our scrapbook and banner both had the theme “It’s No Mystery Why 4’H is Fun.”

     The 2004-05 Key Leaders were Sandy Steuer and Brenda Wakey.  Second year leaders are Mark and Donna Olson and Melody Sanders.  Third year leaders are Marilyn Green and Deb Thate.  The club officers were Abby Shoen-President, Lukas Malo-Vice President, Jessica Stensland-Secretary, Nick Steuer-Treasurer and Andrew McCoy-Reporter.  Community Pride Consisted of Briana Green, Jacob Shoen, Dustin Mattson, and Chad Carlson and the club put in a retaining wall on the north side of the shelter house to contain the erosion, with plantings at the top.  We continue to mow the park and do the maintenance.  We have also continued the many community activities of previous years including Memorial Day Service, IHD parade, Salvation Army bell ringing and window display.  Our scrapbook and banner theme was “Groovin’ and Growin’ in 4-H.”

Our club has 56 members and 29 families.

          The 2005-06 Key leaders were Melody Sanders and Mark and Donna Olson.  Second year leaders were Marily Green and Deb Thate.  The third year leaders were Nikki Bremer and Chris and Patti Mielke.  Club officers were Abby Shoe-President, Jacob Shoe-Vice President, Ashley DeJong-Secretary, Nick Steuer-Treasurer, and Mary Sanders-Reporter.  Community Pride consisted of Eric Hugoson, David Sukalski, Chad and Ben Carlson.  At the October meeting we held our annual costume parade.  Club activities consisted of bowling in November and ice skating in January.  In April we walked 32 miles of road ditches, picking up trash and families took turns mowing the park.  We also participated in many community activities.  They included the Memorial Day service, Salvation Army Bell ringing, and a window display at the Five Lakes Center.  The IHD parade was cancelled due to cold rainy weather.  The theme for the scrapbook and the banner was “4-H a Catch for Life, Get Hooked!”  Our club has 56 members and 27 families.

     The 2006-07 Key Leaders were Deb Thate and Marilyn Green.  Second Year Leaders were Nikki Bremer and Chris and Patti Mielke.  Our Third Year Leaders were Laura and Clark Huinker and Jodi and Kevin Kristenson.  The club’s officers were Jacob Shoen-President, Ashley DeJong-Vice President, Brooke Tonne-Secretary, and Brianna Green-Treasurer.  Our Community Pride Committee consisted of Weston Bremer, Anna Petrowiak, Marie Olson, and Emily Sukalski.  They landscaped around two existing trees at the East Chain School, where the majority of our meetings are held.  The landscaping included a group of mixed perennials planted around the trees.  Our club participated in many community activities.  They consisted of Memorial Day Service, IHD Parade, Salvation Army bell ringing, and a window display at the Five Lakes Center.  The theme for the year was “Racing into the Future with 4-H”  This theme was included in both the banner and the scrapbook.  The Club now has 60 members and 30 families.

     The 2007-08 Key Leaders were Nikki Bremer and Chris and Patti Mielke.  The Second Year Leaders were Jodi and Kevin Kristenson and Laura and Clark Huinker.  Third Year Leaders were Desiree Jensen and Deb Thate.  The clubs officers were Jacob Shoen-President, Marie Olson-Vice President, Chelsey Shumski-Secretary, and Bridget Tonne-Treasurer.  Charles Steuer was the Reporter.  The Community Pride committee consisted of Charles Steuer, Nathan Sukalski, Amanda Wakey, Mariah Smith, Jacob Huinker, and Mariah Thate.  At Wolter Park, they replaced the old fence with a new white one and made stepping stones.  They made a path from the playground to the shelter.  Our club’s activities included the 4-H window display at Five Lakes Center, bowling, Salvation army bell ringing, sledding party at Mankato, ditch pick-up, Memorial Day Service, Day Camp, and IHD parade.  The theme for the year was “Make 4-H your Target” which was included in both the scrapbook and banner.  There are 28 families and

50 members.

     The 2008-09 theme was “Fiesta of Fun in 4-H.”  The club officers were, Charles Steuer-President, Dylan Celander-Vice President, Erica Thate-Secretary, Chelsey Shumski-Treasurer, and Becky Petrowiak-Reporter.  First Year adult leaders were Kevin and Jodi Kristenson and Clark and Laura Huinker. Desiree Jensen and Deb Thate were second year leaders and Cathy Celander and Becky Tonne served as Third Year Leaders.  Club activities included participating in the Memorial Day Service, IHD Parade, and 4-H week with a club display at the Five Lakes Center.  Fun activities included a bowling party and club tours.  The Community Pride committee along with the club members volunteered to paint the swine barn at the Martin County Fairgrounds.  A club scrapbook and banner were also made by the members and entered at the Martin County Fair.  The club had 28 families and 46 members.

     The 2009-10 Key Leaders were Desiree Jensen and Deb Thate; Second Year Leaders were Cathy Celander and Becky Tonne; and Third Year Leaders were Julie Thate and Sandy Kain.  The club was lead by Dylan Celander-President; Jake Huinker-Vice President; Erica Thate-Secretary; Mariah Smith-Treasurer.  Community Pride members included Dylan Celander, Erica Thate, Braden Grefe, Mariah Smith, Emily Wegener, and Nate Sukalski.  The theme for this year’s banner and scrapbook were “let’s go green and bright ideas for a bright future.”  The club really focused on becoming better stewards of our community through all of it’s activities.  We went paperless for our Christmas banquet invitations, used recycled materials for decorations, and made a digital scrapbook.  Community Pride focused on going green at the fair by planting trees, educating the public on rain barrels, and providing reusable water bottles to all Martin County 4-Hers to eliminate waste during and after the fair.  Other activities we participated in included display at Five Lakes Center during 4-H week, ditch pick-up, Memorial Day Program, YELLO, Day Camp, Farm Safety Camp, and IHD Parade.  We have 23 families and 40 members.

     The 2010-2011 Key Leaders were Cathy Celander and Becky Tonne; Second Year Leaders were Sandy Kain and Julie Thate; and Third Year Leaders were Jodie Geerdes and Jody Saxton.  Charles Steuer is Club President, Mariah Smith is Vice-President, Whitney Tonne is Secretary, and Dylan Celander is Treasurer.  Rachael Mielke took over the Reporter duties, while Erica Thate, Braden Grefe, Dylan Celander, Mariah Thate, Emily Wegener, and Ethan Kain composed the Community Pride committee.  The theme for the year was “Strong Roots Begin in 4-H.”  Both the scrapbook and banner echoed that theme.  We are all very grateful for the strong roots and traditions that have been established within our club.  We are still going green and have once again utilized the digital scrapbook to record all of our activities.  In addition to our club going green, we are trying to get the fair to be greener and have added hand dryers to the Bank Midwest Building restrooms.  Next year we will try for the Martin County Arena.  Additionally, we added a rain garden at the fairgrounds.  By next year it will be really blooming.  Fun activities that the club participated in were bowling, the WOW Zone for an afternoon, ditch pick-up, Wolter Park mowing, Memorial Day Program, BLU and YELLO, day camps and the county and state fairs.  This year our club also established its very own website with the help of adult leader Laura Huinker.  The website is up and running and shoud prove to be a valuable tool for all of us.  We have 28 families and 44 members currently active in our club.  The 2011 fair runs from August 16-21st.

    As our year comes to a close we have much to be thankful for such as the many new families that joined and that have become active members in our club. Our Key Leader was Julie Thate; Second Year Leaders were Jody Saxton and Jodie Geerdes; Third Year Leaders were Laura Huinker and Deb Hartwig. President was Dylan Celander; Vice Precident Braden Grefe; Secretary Cole Huinker; Treasurer Mariah Jensen and Reporter Rachael Mielke. Our Community Pride Committee consisted of Dylan Celander, Mariah Jensen, Josh Hartwig, Cole Huinker, Tristen Jensen, Brady Jensen, Paige Bremer, Emily Wegener and Charles Steuer. In November we started with a bowling Party/Meeting and fun was had by all, 4-H'ers and adults alike. The kids also enjoyed a day at the WOW Zone over the winter months. In December we had our County Recognition Banquet. Patti Mielke received the Alumni award, Rachael Mielke received the "I Dare You!" and our club was the only club to receive the 100% participation award. When spring hit, we were off and running, doing our ditch pick-up and park clean-up. This year we added more miles to our usual route for a total of 26 miles. Our theme this year is “4-H Has No Limits. Shoot For The Moon!” this was carried through in our Banner and our Digital Scrapbook. For our Community Pride projects we worked with a local church and put on a free meal for those in need in our community. To keep going green at the fairgrounds we were able to install more hand dryers in the hockey arena. Other activities we participated in included the Memorial Day Program in East Chain, BLU, YELLO, various Day Camps and the Welcome Days Parade. We had club tours and went to the Grefe/Thates, Celanders and Sukalski's. As a club we had a big showing at our County and State Fair. We have 35 families and 62 Members that are active in our club. We have had an amazing year with all our wonderful 4-Hers and can't wait for next year!

    The 2012-2013 theme was “4-H Your Ticket to Fun” and boy did we have fun.  The club Officers were Emily Wegener-President, Josh Hartwig-Vice President, Rachael Mielke-Secretary and Brianna Olson-Treasurer. First Year Leaders were Jody Saxton and Jodie Geerdes.  Laura Huinker and Deb Hartwig were the Second Year Leaders and Patti Mielke and Tracy Richardson served as Third Year Leaders.  Club Activities included participating in Memorial Day Service, Ditch Pick-up, Clown Club for local parades, Yello, Blu, 4-H camps and the 4-H week window display.  The clubs Community Pride Project was to plan and hold a Free Community Meal with a local church and we spruced up the rain garden that we planted last year at the Martin County Fairgrounds.  East Chain 4-H Club received a 90% participation award at the Recognition Banquet along with members receiving the following awards: Kevin Kristenson – Alumni Award, Rachael Mielke- Livestock Achievement Award and Emily Wegener – “I Dare You” Award.  Our club has 35 families and 58 members.  

    We had a great 2013-2014 year.  Our theme was “Team Up With 4-H “. The club officers were Joshua Hartwig-President, Brianna Olson-Vice President, Rachael Mielke-Secretary, Cole Huinker-Treasurer, and Chloe Murphy-Reporter.  First year leaders were Deb Hartwig & Laura Huinker.  Second year leaders were Patti Mielke & Tracy Richardson.  Darcy Graif & Jody Saxton were third year leaders.  Club activities included Ditch pick-up, Memorial Day Service, Banner, Scrapbook, Yello, Blu, 4-H Window Display, 4-H camps, and making planters to display at the Martin County Fair.  For Community Pride, we will be cleaning up the Rain Garden and putting a ceiling in the shelter at Wolter Park.  We had some fun meetings where we went to the Flying Goose Campground for a costume party and to cook hotdogs over a campfire.  We went bowling at Bowlmor and had pizza afterward.  We had our Christmas banquet and ceremony at the Red Rock Center.  And, we braved the cold and went sledding at Interlaken Golf Course. For our club tour, we went to Cole Huinker’s farm and learned about goats.  Our club has 29 families and 44 youth members.